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  • akshadhaa


    Rehabilitation services for People with disabilities

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  • apdlingarajapuram

    The Association of People with Disability - apdlingarajapuram

    Supporting the families of community clients at this crucial situation

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  • atmaswabhiman

    Atma Swabhiman - atmaswabhiman

    education, health care, livelihood opportunities leading to lives of dignity and inclusion for people and families affected by leprosy.

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  • awishforautismaswb

    Autism Society West Bengal - awishforautismaswb

    Autism Society West Bengal is a not for profit organization that champion the right of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to participation in areas of education, employment,social events

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  • cuddlesfoundation

    Cuddles Foundation - cuddlesfoundation

    We nourish children in their fight against cancer. Because #FoodHeals

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  • diya

    Diya Foundation - diya

    To enrich the quality of life and bring dignity to differently-abled adults by training them in life skills and vocational skills, building support systems and enhancing awareness in the Community.

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  • motivationindia

    Motivation India - motivationindia

    Motivation India seeks to empower persons with disabilities to improve one’s mobility, reduce secondary disabilities and discomfort and regain full potential for functional and economical independence

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  • nelito

    Nelito Systems Ltd - nelito

    Nelito has earned a unique reputation for its solutions and delivery of software products & services for Banking, Financial Services, Micro-Finance and Government.

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